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Faced with the plague of the coronavirus disease, the ICC Cricket Committee has moved to introduce regulations to mitigate the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus as well as to protect the safety of players and match officials.

Match Ball

It said in its press release,” The ICC Cricket Committee heard from the Chair of the ICC Medical Advisory Committee Dr. Peter Harcourt regarding the elevated risk of the transmission of the virus through saliva, and unanimously agreed to recommend that the use of saliva to polish the ball be prohibited.”

It also noted that the possibility of the virus being transmitted by sweat was far remote.

“It is highly unlikely that the virus can be transmitted through sweat,” the committee said.

Additionally, it noted that there was “no need to prohibit the use of sweat to polish the ball.”

However, it recommended that enhanced hygiene measures should be implemented on and around the playing field.

The Coronavirus has played havoc with not only the ICC 2020 cricket calendar but sports in general.

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